Advisable represents one of the world’s most inventive growth-hacking specialists. He’s a Y-Combinator graduate with experience pioneering ground-breaking growth strategies for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of his work and clients, he doesn’t reveal his identity publicly but he’s available to hire through and has agreed to share some examples of previous inventive strategies he’s used to acquire leads and grow companies to unicorn-scale.

1) Using Bing Search API To Identify & Target Companies Opening New Offices For A Leading Video-Conferences Solution

The Problem:

This client is a leading video-conferencing solution. Customers in their sweet-spot tend to be those that are opening up new offices, hiring remote employees or expanding geographically.

They were looking for ways to identify companies that are likely to be in this sweet-spot right at the moment their solution was becoming relevant to them.

The Solution:

We used the Bing News Search API to find companies who were opening new offices.

Basically, whenever an article mentioned ‘new headquarters’, ‘opening headquarters’, ‘opening remote office’ or similar, we captured that information automatically.

We then fed this information into Amazon Mechanical Turk, a data-enrichment service. We enriched it with information on the company and the relevant contact details within it and used it to automatically trigger highly-targeted, relevant emails to prospects as soon as they announced their new office.

The Results:

In the first 2 days alone, we acquired 50 hot leads for them, with a cost of under $200.

2) Growing A Newsletter List Of Accredited Investors By Acquiring Bankrupt Companies For Their Email Lists

The Problem:

The client is a fast-growing technology company in the financial services space that targets accredited US investors. They wanted to rapidly build their exposure to this hard-to-access audience by rapidly building their newsletter list with highly relevant contacts. However, acquiring signups for this audience can be incredibly difficult and expensive.

The Solution:

When a company acquires another company, they can legally target their email distribution list but acquiring a company at market-rate just for this purpose rarely makes sense. However, bankrupt companies frequently sell for next-to-nothing and often have highly relevant email lists already built.

We decided to identify relevant companies that were facing bankruptcy and acquire them in order to acquire their email list.

To do this, we used Inforuptsy companies with relevant audiences for our newsletter list. We reached out to them and got information on their email lists, etc. and then acquired the ones who are relevant to our audience.

The Results:

We acquired businesses with hundreds of thousands of highly relevant email contacts that were legally opted in to receive emails from us. This gave us a highly relevant channel through which we could education customers with high-quality content. Thanks to this tactic and more, this company is on a unicorn-growth trajectory.

3) Identifying & Buying Expires, Relevant Domains To Help Companies Dominate SEO For Targeted Search Terms

The Problem:

SEO can be a hugely valuable channel with many of the world’s most successful technology companies like, Amazon, etc. dependent on it as a channel.

However, if you’re a new business, ranking for key terms related to your offering can be very difficult – especially when you’re up against established incumbents.

That said, if your company can rank, you can gain access to a steady stream of highly relevant, highly interested leads – with no advertising costs.  

The Solution:

Every day, hundreds of thousands of domains expire or are sold at auction. Of these domains, a small number are likely of high relevance to your business and have domain authority with Google.

We used Buzzsumo and Natural Language Processing to figure out which of these domains are likely relevant.

We then purchased and registered the domains that were relevant and redirect the traffic for them to our domain, boosting the authority and rankings of our domain.

The Results:

This tactic helped boost rankings for a number of our clients including one that tripled its traffic in under 3 months leading to over $100k in sales on Black Friday Alone.

4) Building A Twitter Bot To Target Users Based On Relevant Tweets

The Problem:

We needed to get in front of iPhone users in a non-invasive and economical way in order to sell accessories to them. With typical advertisements, iPhone users can be very expensive to target and the market for selling accessories to them is highly competitive.

The Solution:

We built a bot that scraped Twitter for highly relevant keywords like ‘Cracked iPhone”. Whenever a user posted a tweet mentioning one of these relevant keywords, our bot tweeted at them with an article relevant to this issue they were having. When they visited this page, we delivered them high-quality content related to their problem and also a pop-up advertising our accessories.

The Results:

The Twitter bot went off 70,000 times resulting in sales of over $100k for iPhone cables alone.

These strategies probably won’t work for you but there are likely equivalent strategies you could implement that are equally inventive and highly-impactful. If you’re interested in potentially talking to the writer and seeing what he can do for you, you can sign up here for more information.