Now that we’ve gone over what you need to assess before speaking to the freelancer, we’re going to help you ask the right questions to evaluate those skills.

Let’s have a look at general useful questions:


  • What Marketing-related tools can you use?
    If you have a particular tool in mind (for example, Marketo or Hootsuite), you can also ask them directly about that specific tool.


  • How would you tackle missing a deadline?
    This question will help you to know how often they’ve missed deadlines before and how they generally go on about it.
  • Tell me about a client you disagreed with, and why?
    Their answer will give you a sense of the type of relationships the freelancer has with their clients.
  • What motivates you?
    By asking this question, you will get a glimpse into the type of person they are – what they like, what they’re passionate about outside of work or what their hobbies are.
  • How would you deal with a difficult client?
    This will give you an idea about their communication skills.
  • What would you do if you were assigned different tasks with the same deadline?
    This will help you figure out how they manage their time and the extent to which they’re adaptable.
  • What, in your opinion, are the key factors that lead to a successful relationship with a remote client?
    You need to know if they have the right understanding of remote work and the importance of communication and collaboration.  


  • How long have you been freelancing?
    This will help you figure out if they have freelancing experience and work experience in general.
  • What type of projects have you worked on?
    You’ve likely already reviewed their portfolio, but this will allow them to elaborate more on the projects. If you’re particularly interested in one project, make sure you ask them about it.
  • What results have you achieved for Project X?
    Choose a few projects you’re interested in and let them walk you through the results they’ve achieved and how they’ve achieved them. Also, ask them about how they measure their results and communicate them.
  • What is your experience in this industry?
    Ask the freelancer about the type of experience they have in your specific industry. Make sure to follow up with questions so you can delve even deeper into the type of projects they’ve worked on.
  • How would you suggest we tackle this project?
    This question will help you learn more about the freelancer’s skills of structuring thoughts and ideas. Moreover, you’ll notice if the freelancer is able to come up with a profound and suitable action plan.
  • What are the most common mistakes companies make when tackling this kind of project? 
    This kind of question is a bit counter-intuitive. Why should you want to learn more about common mistakes? But your freelancer’s answer will let you know if he or she is experienced as stated and knows about potential pitfalls.

How to conduct a reference check

All experienced freelancers who have worked for a while should be able to provide you with either work samples, references, testimonials or feedback from previous clients.

Many clients think that samples are enough, but you also need to know what a freelancer is like to work with, what they’re like with deadlines, and what their relationships with clients are like.  

You can contact the freelancer’s previous clients via LinkedIn or Email to check out what they are saying about them or what it was like to work with them.

Further questions you can ask to learn more about the freelancer:

  • What tasks was [freelancer’s name] responsible for?
  • Was [freelancer’s name] able to submit work on time?
  • How would you evaluate [freelancer’s name]’s expertise in [specific field such as SEO or PPC]?
  • Would you rehire [freelancer’s name]?

However, make sure you ask the freelancer first.

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