Freelancers can be your ladder to success: low costs, flexibility, and quick quality work – it all sounds great until you have to decide where you can find freelance marketing specialists and you find yourself bombarded with dozens of freelance websites all promising the same outcomes.

Freelance websites provide access to all types of just-in-time workers who are willing to do anything – from small projects like creating a quick logo, or writing a short article, to long-term jobs and complicated tasks. Of course, hiring a freelancer is a great way to get the job done, and save time. Implementing a freelance system will cut down training times, overhead costs, hiring costs, and onboarding processes and you’ll have almost unlimited access to huge talent pools.

You can easily source workers for any task that you have that does not require long-term employment. In this chapter, we are going to take a look at the options you have for hiring those “unicorn” freelancers with the skills you need – we’ll look at their usability, what their unique features are, and what they will cost you.

Freelance Platforms

We’ve gone over why you need to hire a freelance marketing specialist, and now we need to go over where you can search for them. Freelancers are everywhere – you can find them on your local job boards, online on freelance platforms, or even through a friend. As many companies search for new talent on freelance platforms, we will help you find the best platform for your needs.

Advisable helps you find, screen and hire premium marketing specialists with 1,000+ skillsets available on-demand.


The thing that makes Advisable unique is the fact that it is a platform dedicated solely to high-quality marketing professionals, so instead of having to filter through hundreds of skills, you get proven freelancers that have extensive marketing skills who submit quality work.

Think of it like this: Advisable is like the premium version of Upwork & but focused only on marketing. You have access to over 1,000+ marketing-related skills, so you’ll find the specialist for even your most complicated task.

Screening process

To add to this, not any freelancer can get on the website. Advisable goes through a screening process that screens every applicant who applies for a project to ensure that they have extensive experience to match your needed tasks. The screening process is efficient and saves you much time – you won’t need to do background checks on the freelancers applying or doubt their skills and you can get started as soon as possible.

Premium service

Advisable focuses on providing a premium service to anyone looking to hire a freelancer. One of their team members works closely with you to create the perfect brief for your project, and they help you choose which project-specific questions to ask. After they help you write a project brief, they screen applicants for the best candidate that perfectly matches the job description.

Only Experts

Many people complain that freelancers don’t always offer the highest quality of work, but Advisable only allows proven experts on the website, typically with hourly rates of $50-150 per hour, compared to as low as $10 per hour on Upwork and Freelancer.

No fees

Advisable also has a “no-fees” policy where you only pay for the service of the specialists. There won’t be any recruiting fees or monthly fees – you pay for what you need.


Upwork is another online freelance platform that is renowned for having the largest number of talent on the market spanning all industries. However, quantity does not trump quality and many of the freelancers on Upwork tend to be low-tier outsourced workers.

Communication channels

Upwork understands the importance of communication between the freelancer and you, and thus they have multiple ways to ensure that your operations are running smoothly. They have an app where you can communicate with the freelancer on the go (and share pictures, videos, links, or even have a video call), and this allows you to get to know the freelancer first-hand and provide the right feedback.

Simple interface

Complicated website interfaces deter many people, but Upwork boasts a simple, hassle-free interface that is quite simple to use and learn.

You can pay per project or per hour

Paying per project is easy to deal with, but paying a freelancer on an hourly basis can be tricky. Upwork provides a tool that allows you to screen, track and verify that the freelancer is actually working (for those hourly-based contracts). They have a Work Diary enabling you to check multiple snapshots of the freelancer working and pay for only the work done.


Freelancer has been connecting sellers and buyers together for years. There are a lot of options available on Freelancer (from data entry to SEO experts to great writers), but the talent is not as skilled as those on Upwork and Advisable. Freelancer is great if you’re looking for a quick, easy job to get done quick and for cheap prices, but is not reliable when it comes to hiring marketing experts.

High number of applicants

It can also be quite overwhelming due to the high number of freelancers on the website who can all bid for projects. Twenty minutes after posting your job, you will find over 25 applicants, all claiming to be the best. The problem with that is that you have to screen them all on your own, check their reviews and their portfolios and then choose a freelancer.

Secured payment

However, Freelancer’s payment methods are safe and secure. Any money you pay will be “in escrow” ensuring that no money goes to the freelancer until you approve it.

Intuitive desktop app

They also have a desktop app that monitors the progress of your projects – you can check out hours spent on your job, contact your freelancer, and give feedback.


PeoplePerHour is the perfect platform to use if you are looking for a quick, easy job that can be done in an hour. The UK-based platform is quite easy to use and offers work from high-quality talents for fast and easy jobs.

It’s a great platform to use if you’re looking for a short-term freelancer for a one-off task, but not the best for hiring freelancers for long-term projects.

Account Management

The WorkStream inbox is constantly updated to ensure that your projects are running smoothly. You’ll be able to monitor all your projects and messages by having all the needed information in one place. You can check out project history, monitor the progress of the project, message the freelance, rate a freelancer on the screen – allowing you to streamline all your workflows.

Escrow Protection

PeoplePerHour also provides escrow protection, meaning you won’t need to pay until you are fully satisfied with the project.


It doesn’t cost anything to post a job.


Fiverr is also a great alternative if you are looking for a short, quick, easy and low-cost job. It is not ideal for people looking for a complicated task or one that requires an extensive set of skills. Want someone to proofread an article for you? Great, use Fiverr. Want someone to manage your social media pages or increase your SEO ranking? You’ll need to go somewhere else.


You pay for the freelancer, and then you also pay for a 5% client fee, but you pay by escrow. Despite the fact that Fiverr has freelancers with very cheap rates, it is still expensive when it comes to the client fees that need to be paid.


Guru is very easy to use. You create a job post, receive proposals and select freelancers that you think match your skill set.


Posting a job is free, but if you are in a hurry and need as much exposure for your job posting as possible, then you can pay $29.95 for a featured job post that will appear on top of the search results.

Traditional Job Platforms

Before freelancing was a trend, job boards were the place to go for all job seekers. You can use job platforms like Indeed or Craigslist to post your job requirements.

Job platforms are not an efficient tool to hire freelancers, though. You won’t be able to screen the candidates, there is no way to vet an applicant quickly, you only get to exchange emails together, and you won’t be on a platform that is solely dedicated to freelancers.

You also won’t be getting a large volume of decent applicants as they’re usually putting in their efforts on freelancer-dedicated websites instead of job platforms.

Social Media Communities

Social media communities are actually a growing source of freelance talent. There are very specific Facebook groups, for example, dedicated to Marketing Freelancers. All you need to do is search for your skill, filter out the results so they can only include groups, and filter by location and you’re done.

The best thing about it is that’s it completely free to post and free to hire someone, although the downside is that you’ll have to manually screen applicants and take a risk on their quality.

Your Network

While technology is right there to help you communicate, find and screen freelancers, it is quite understandable that you’d be more comfortable hiring someone from your own local network and community. You can check out your own network by posting on your Linkedin, Reddit, Quora, or Facebook or by asking around people you know to recommend someone.

Being in the same place and time zone means great communication. You won’t have to deal with different time zones and you’ll probably even be able to meet in person.

The downside to this, however, is that by limiting your search you won’t have access to as much variety and you’ll still have to screen candidates yourself.

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