No one can maintain a highly successful business without the best talent. Although you might think that saving money in the short run is essential, it could come at the expense of your future growth if you aren’t willing to work with the best freelancers from the beginning.

Luckily, the emerging on-demand talent economy is opening up countless opportunities for hiring top people without the expense traditionally associated with this talent. It can become even more profitable for your business in the long-run.

Many businesses have very little time to think about and act on the marketing gaps that they’re currently facing. For companies to succeed, they need to adapt to the cataclysmic changes going on in the current digital age. That means constantly testing new channels, integrating new technologies and trying new strategies. Constant adaptation is necessary to keep up in the current marketing environment and hiring freelance talent lets you fluidly respond to all this change.

Why Do You Need to Hire A Freelance Marketing Specialist?

You’ll save money.

One of the major advantages of hiring a freelancer is that it allows you to eliminate a lot of the costs that come with hiring a full-time employee. Those costs usually inhibit profitability and may stunt long-term growth in the long-run. You won’t need to spend money on workspaces, training, healthcare, retirement, paid leave and so on. This will directly lead to more profits since now you have a specialized freelancer offering better work, less overhead costs, and no long-term commitment. Expect to save at least 20 to 30 percent per year.

You’ll need less office space or no office space at all.

Your freelance worker is most likely to be remote, which will not only eliminate the need for extra office space but will also reduce your office supply costs.

Gain more flexibility.

There is something to be said for the unparalleled flexibility that comes with hiring a freelancer. Whether you want someone to work on weekends, or you want someone to work at night, or someone to finish a task in a day – you’ll find a freelancer for that! They’re not tied down to the usual 9-to-5, giving you a significant competitive edge. You can access their expertise as you need it and don’t have to worry about paying for downtime.

Say goodbye to the hiring burden.

Hiring an employee is, both, time and money-consuming. From going through multiple resume-screenings to interviewing, to training, to hiring costs, too much more – the costs all add up quickly. Hiring a freelancer can easily take anything from an hour to a few days maximum.

Achieve higher work quality.

Unique Talent.

Out of the millions of the freelancers around the world, you’re bound to find that one unique worker to meet even your most extravagant needs. If there’s just one job that needs a specific skill set, you’ll be able to hire a freelancer without having to employ someone you won’t need after that assignment is done.  You’ll never find one employee who has all the skills you need for different tasks – but you can always hire different freelancers for different jobs. Simply, you’ll always have just the right amount of workforce based on the projects you’re tackling.

Quality Work.

Unlike employees who can often become complacent, freelancers have a strong incentive to deliver high-quality work in order to differentiate themselves from other freelancers and maintain their business relationships. This guarantees exceptional work, and you’ll find that a lot of them are always motivated to over-deliver on projects.

Benefit from reduced risks.

You’ll be cutting a lot of employment-related risks. For example, if you decide that a freelancer is unfit for the job and you terminate their contract, you won’t have to deal with severance pay or legal issues.

Make use of the global reach.

The world of freelancers is right at your fingertips. You can find talents from all over the world, geographical limits are no longer valid, time-zones are easy to work around, and expansion has never been easier. Not only this, but you can also hire qualified freelancers from cheaper labor markets.

Use freelancers for interim roles.

Skills gaps undoubtedly don’t just occur as your business expands and you find out you’re short on staff. You may have the perfect hire amongst your ranks already but for any number of reasons they take some well-earned time off. Parental leave, a sabbatical, some time out for additional training and education. The reasons why an employee may want or need some time off are plentiful and sometimes even recurring. As interim role engagement is well defined and using freelancers to fill the gap is a win-win considering the contract visibility it offers somebody who is self-employed.

Benefit from a freelancer’s experience.

The best thing about marketing consultants is that they have experience from all across diverse industries, expertise thanks to their multiple different clients, and are always ready to come up with different approaches that will nurture into new business opportunities. They can do pretty much anything – from launching new products to re-branding your organizations, to leading important campaigns.

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Freelance Marketing Specialist?

With new marketing technologies, channels and strategies constantly appearing, the chances of needing a freelance marketing specialist are increasing over time.  If you’re new to all this, you might find yourself asking if you even need a freelancer. Here’s how to determine whether this might be the case:

You want to test a new marketing channel.

If you want to test a new channel such as LinkedIn ads but you don’t have the necessary in-house expertise, you should consider hiring a marketing expert. Especially, if you’re not certain about the expected results, it will make sense to involve a specialist who can give advice but also directly execute first experiments.

You need an interim arrangement because hiring a full-time person takes time.

Hiring full-time employees can be time-intensive. If you don’t have plenty of time, you’ll have to look for an interim arrangement. This is the point when you should consider hiring a freelance marketing specialist who can be quickly hired and who will be able to deliver results without a settling-in period.

You need experience as soon as possible.

Hiring a freelancer allows you a tremendous chance to access a diverse pool of skills and talents across all industries. On-demand work is right at your fingertips for almost every task required at your business,  so if you find yourself suddenly needing extra hands that come ready with experiences – then you need a freelancer.

If your staff doesn’t have the needed expertise and you need a one-time marketing freelancer for an SEO task or a Facebook Ads campaign for example, then all you have to do is find a freelance specialist who’s well-versed about the job.

You can’t keep up with your new and existing clients.

New work from existing or new clients hardly sounds like a problem. However, when you find yourself bombarded with aggressive deadlines, additional projects and impatient clients then you’ll be facing a dilemma.

Hiring some freelancers can help you get through your tasks with your already existing clients and will also help with taking on more projects by new clients. This will be increasing your profits and bettering your relationships in general.

If you find yourself turning away any sort of project just because you don’t have enough hours in the day, that’s when you know you need a freelancer.

You’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution to find talent.

Freelancers are, without a doubt, cheaper than full-time or even part-time employees. You’ll be investing a certain amount of money for specific projects that you know you need. Add to this the fact that you don’t have to pay insurances, healthcare, pensions, sick leaves and much more and you’ve got yourself a deal.

You have no time to train people.

If you find yourself having more tasks than hours per day, then you need to take action as soon as possible before the quality of your work is affected. Freelancers come with an impressive set of skills acquired by working with diverse clients from all over the world and taking on multiple projects varying in nature. This way, they come already exactly knowing what they need to do and don’t need any training or hand-holding throughout the project.

Your office isn’t attracting talent because of its location.

If your office is located in a hard-to-reach area, you’re less likely to attract the right types of talents for your project. They may not be skilled enough or have the characteristics that you need, so it’ll be easier for you to hire a freelancer who works remotely.

How To Get Started

The case for why you should hire a freelancer seems obvious, but going about getting one can still be challenging and intimidating. If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, you might find the process overwhelming at first. Here’s a quick list of things to go through before hiring your first freelancer:

Goals and expectations

You need to be very clear with yourself on what your goals for the project are. Ask yourself questions like what exact results do you need, when do you want it finished by or what are your forecasted profits. Make sure that your goals are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to your overall goals and time-based. Broad, poorly-thought-through goals, or unrealistic expectations are the most common cause of failed projects of any type.

Scope of work

Creating a scope of work is essential. It entails:

  • Communicating your desired outcome: Based on your goals, you should clearly define the outcome you’re expecting to achieve.
  • Defining the project tasks: Determine the activities that need to be completed to reach your project goals.
  • Defining requested deliverables: Define what kind of deliverables you’re expecting (for example blog articles or visuals).
  • Creating a timeline and different milestones: Set a reasonable project time frame and define intermediate objectives that can be measured.
  • Setting a budget: Calculate how much money you can spend to bring aboard a freelancer. Decide if you want to pay per hour or a fixed price.

Additionally, you should inform your freelancer about any other duties that he or she will need to be in charge of other than the agreed-on milestones – for example, regular revisions or weekly calls.

Job’s requirements

To make it simple: What does the freelancer need to have so they can qualify for the job? Your requirements might include:

  • Domain expertise
  • Industry experience
  • Hard and soft skills
  • Personality traits
  • Technological proficiencies

Learn more about writing the perfect project brief in our next blog post.

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