Interested in building a payments and finance function from scratch?, a $3.5m VC-backed freelancer marketplace, is looking for an interim-CFO to build and own their payments and finance function.

About Advisable:

Advisable connects companies to the world’s top marketing freelancers. We have grown revenue at 20% MoM since launch two years ago and closed a $2.5m Seed Round in May 2020 (Frontline Ventures, FJ Labs).

What we need help with:

Having recently closed a funding round, a top priority is to build a more professional finance and payments function. Currently, we are processing hundreds of thousands in payments per month. We believe there is potential to grow these amounts >10x within the next 18 months, and are investing in our payments and finance capabilities to help us do so.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for an interim CFO with experience managing the finance and payments functions of a venture-backed startup (or similar) who can independently manage (structure and lead; identify and hire external freelancers/providers; work with internal team) the below workstreams

  • The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to independently define and execute strategy across both workstreams
  • We’re happy to work remotely, on a flexible basis (can be an interim position/project; can become an ongoing part/full-time role depending on evolution/desire)
  • Experience with Stripe / Stripe Connect would be ideal, but not required


1. Payments: manage the process of automating client and freelancer payments

  • Today – streamlined but manual: freelancer rates and number of hours worked are captured in the front end; invoices are created manually in the back end; Stripe payments are then charged or invoices sent requesting bank transfer; payments are manually made to freelancers via Transferwise upon client approval of work
  • Future – automated: freelancer rates and hours worked are captured in the front end; invoices are automatically created and payment charged (via Stripe or ACH) in the back end; payments are automatically made to freelancers upon successful completion of the work (possibly via Stripe Connect; TransferWise or another provider of your choice)
    • Potential interim state where manual work is standardized and completed by an intern/outsourced
    • Goal is that our system is so streamlined that we can profitably manage freelancers’ off-platform projects
  • Work with: founders; development team; ~external payments expert/provider; ~intern/outsourced payments support

2. Accounting: build and manage a reliable accounting and reporting process

  • Today: the payments information (client payment in, less freelancer payment out = revenue) captured in the back end is transferred manually into a Google Sheet which forms the master record of revenue. Stripe payments and bank transfers in/out are also loosely captured in Xero, but this is not reliable. The information in the back end is similarly unreliable (often containing false duplicates or incorrect information)
  • Future: the information in the back end is 100% accurate (client amount charged and paid; freelancer amount due and paid) and is automatically captured in reporting
  • Work with: founders; existing accountants


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