How one of  the world’s fastest-growing startups accelerates their growth using a team of freelance marketing specialists

High growth is great – we wouldn’t want it any other way. However, rapid growth brings its own difficulties. Thanks to their top-rated business-travel booking solution and ecstatic customers, TravelPerk has first hand experience of these growing pains.  They’re one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies (boasting customers like Uber, Adyen and Transferwise) and have raised over $73m from leading investors.

Marketers at high-growth companies like TravelPerk are all too familiar with the hiring problems that accompany this speedy success as they seek to maintain their trajectory:

  • “Where can we find someone to optimise SEM, our top performing channel?”
  • “When are we going to test those LinkedIn ads we’ve been postponing for months?”
  • “How can we train our marketing manager to implement marketing analytics best practices?”

High growth means 3 things: rapid change, uncertainty, and endless distractions.

  • We need more marketers – FAST. But where can we find the talent? And how can we speed up the hiring process without making a bad – and expensive – mistake?
  • We need to conduct more tests – new channels, different strategies – but the results are so UNCERTAIN that a full-time specialist hire doesn’t make sense. Yet when is it going to be a priority or even efficient to upskill the internal team?
  • We need to FOCUS on our core business. But meanwhile, the range of non-core tasks that need attention are growing every day?

What if there was any easy answer to all these questions?

What if instead of patiently waiting to find that one-in-a-million hire with an endless set of skills and unlimited time to utilise them… or constantly postponing testing that new channel… or slowly watching your team lose it’s focus… What if instead, you could immediately hire a best-in-class domain specialist as and when you need them?

“Advisable repeatedly found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night. This enabled us to rapidly test new channels while optimising and scaling our existing ones – massively increasing the productivity of our team”  Gidi Pridor, VP Marketing & Growth, TravelPerk

Quick testing: Gidi’s team leveraged Advisable to hire specialist freelance marketers to quickly test unproven channels before deciding whether to focus on these areas in-house or make a full-time hire.

Augmented full-time hiring: They also took advantage of working with Advisable’s on-demand specialists in parallel to their search for full-time recruits, so that their dream full-time hires could hit the ground running when they were eventually found.

Access best practices: Being able to call upon niche specialists enabled the in-house team to ensure that they were using the most up-to-date best practices to tackle the more specialised problems that lay beyond their core areas of expertise.

Building a world leading marketing team at record speed

“We needed to quickly build a team of proven marketers, but amidst a high level of uncertainty and many moving parts,” explains Gidi. To build a team that could cope with this flexibility and to offset the time lag and cost of traditional hiring, Gidi teamed up with Advisable.

With Advisable, Gidi augmented his proven core team with a flexible team of world-class marketing freelancers to help accelerate their growth at a critical period for the company. His core team were able to pick and choose to hire specialist marketers as and when they needed, without having to attempt to master complex new skills themselves or being restricted by the unavoidable time lag that comes with identifying hard to find full-time hires.

“The moment we understood that we could remove our hiring bottleneck by using Advisable’s specialists on-demand, I felt empowered” Gidi Pridor, VP Marketing & Growth, TravelPerk

Within a few calls, Gidi and his core team had hired a flexible team of proven freelance marketing specialists to tackle Travel Perk’s meatiest marketing challenges.

TravelPerk’s Freelancers:


The Projects

Travel Perk’s core marketing team consists of a mix of experienced generalists, specialists and growth marketers.

Gidi decided to use freelancers for both existing, ongoing projects as well as for trialing new ones:

Optimising Adwords

“I knew we were leaving money on the table with Google Adwords. It was performing well for us, but there are so many advanced capabilities and ever evolving techniques that it requires someone specialised full-time in Adwords to stay on top of the latest developments.While, it’s an important channel for us yet it didn’t make sense for us to make a full-time hire focused on it and our existing team didn’t have the time or expertise to give it the attention it needed. Bringing in John gave us peace of mind that our account was as optimised as possible.”

Testing LinkedIn

“We had long sought to test LinkedIn Ads as a lead generation channel. By bringing in a specialist to build and implement a LinkedIn Ads strategy we were able to conduct these tests in confidence and now count LinkedIn as another source of qualified leads.”

Not only have these freelancers enabled them to scale their marketing efforts beyond the core team’s capabilities, but Travel Perk’s core marketing team have also internalised the key learnings from these freelancers, with many learnings documented by the freelancers themselves.

“These specialists are total professionals – that is evident from the initial briefing calls, the quality of their work and results, right through to the documentation and reporting of what they have done for us”.

TravelPerk use Advisable freelancers to build a best-in-class, flexible team of marketing specialists.

Since they don’t have to work on tasks outside their core competencies or constantly be on the search for new talent, Gidi’s core team are free to spend more time focused on growing the company – and their results speak for themselves!