What are Advisable's fees?

We do not charge you anything for our service: our specialists pay us a % of their earnings in return for access to quality projects.

Are there any upfront recruitment costs?

We require an initial deposit of $500 that will be applied as a credit to your first specialist invoice once you make a hire. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be refunded completely.

How much do specialists cost?

This depends entirely on the specialist and the type of project you’re hiring for. As a guideline, our specialists’ rates range from approx. $50 – $150 per hour.

We ask all specialists to propose an hourly rate for each project they apply for. This proposed rate is for guideline purposes only: you are free to negotiate pricing directly with the specialist, as oftentimes a fixed fee or alternative pricing arrangement may make most sense, and most specialists have flexibility on their rate for longer term projects.

How do payments and invoices work?

Advisable take all the hassle out of paying freelancers: you pay Advisable directly and we handle all specialist payments. Advisable typically issues invoices monthly.

How soon can I begin working with a Specialist?

If you act fast, you can begin working with a specialist in 3 days or less. We will typically send you a curated list of available specialists within 3 days, at which point you can interview and hire a specialist immediately.

What skills do your specialists have?

We can identify and vet specialists for any marketing related skill under the sun – we’ve already identified 1,000+ skills and counting!

How many specialists do you have?

In addition to our extensive and ever-expanding roster of existing specialists, Advisable identifies and vets additional specialists on demand based on your exact project requirements – so you can rest assured that whatever speciality you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered.

What countries are your specialists in?

We have and can identify specialists in almost every country in the world.

Are all your specialists remote or do you have specialists in my city that can work on-site?

We have and can identify specialists available to work remotely or on-site in almost every city in the world.

Can all your specialists speak English or do any of your specialists speak my language?

The majority of our specialists are native English speakers, however we have and can identify specialists that speak almost any language.

How do you screen specialists?

Before being considered for interview, all specialists are required to answer a number of project specific questions. These answers are reviewed alongside the candidates LinkedIn profiles by the Advisable.com freelancer recruitment team, who curate a shortlist of the best candidates to share with you.

Do you offer additional screening and interviewing services?

Yes, we offer additional screening, interviewing and reference check services available on request.

Can we interview a specialist prior to hiring them?

Absolutely. As soon as our team propose a specialist you’d like to speak with, we will arrange an interview directly between you and the specialist.

Can I get references for a specialist prior to hiring them?

Yes, you can request references directly from each specialist.

How do Advisable.com hold freelancers accountable for project results?

Advisable.com doesn’t take responsibility for the ultimate performance of the specialist you hire. The service Advisable.com provides is to identify and vet freelance specialists to match the Project Brief created by our team and your Company and to provide a curated list of these specialists for you to interview. Your Company will then be responsible for interviewing and assessing the suitability of these candidates. Your Company is responsible for making any hiring decisions and Advisable.com does not accept any responsibility for the performance of hired specialists.

9.3 out of 10
Based on 25 ratings
  • Advisable made it all easy
    We worked with an Advisable freelancer for social media help and he was excellent - timely, responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Advisable made it all easy.
    Yolanda Taylor
    Managing Director
  • Advisable found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night
    Advisable repeatedly found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night. This enabled us to rapidly test new channels while optimising and scaling our existing ones – massively increasing the productivity of our team.
    Gideon Pridor
    VP, Marketing
  • A great partner and source for professional, highly qualified project talent
    The folks at Advisable were great to work with. They were able to quickly source a number of highly qualified professionals for our project. We had great success with our matched consultant and met our project objectives on time and on budget.
    Bryan J. Stewart
  • Highly efficient to find the right candidate
    Advisable helped us identify great candidates multiple times. Would definitely recommend!
    Serena Li
    Senior Research Manager at Babbel
  • Very responsive service with high quality freelancers at a fair value
    Advisable are really responsive, working quickly to find appropriate freelancers with the right experience. They found us a specialist copywriter who has been brilliant: dedicated professional, keen and very pleasant to work with.
    Donna Egan
    Head of Marketing

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