What’s the benefit of being an Advisable Specialist?

As an Advisable Specialist, you will get access to high-quality opportunities from leading companies looking for your specific skill set.


Being part of our network is free if you’re accepted. You only pay us when you get paid by new clients, so it’s a win-win!

What kind of clients does Advisable source?

Advisable sources clients that are looking for experienced and high-quality Marketing freelancers. They are willing to pay premium market rates and their projects can range from a one-time deliverable to an ongoing monthly engagement. We have clients from almost every industry and they can range from small businesses to high growth startups to large enterprises.

What kind of background and experience do I need to have to be an Advisable Specialist?

We require all our Specialists to have at least 5 years of Marketing experience and to provide references to past projects they have completed. 

Why do I have to include References?

We ask for References a) so that we can ensure we only work with freelancers with proven experience, verified by their past clients or employers and b) so that clients can better assess your past experience and suitability for their project.


Although we appreciate that this requires some time on your part (c. 10 minutes to provide 3 references), this check significantly increases your chances of being invited to, interviewing for, and winning projects once you’re an approved Advisable Specialist. 

My application has been accepted. What happens next?

Congrats! Next, whenever relevant opportunities come up that match your skill set, we’ll reach out and give you the opportunity to fill out a tailored application that we present directly to the client.


You can check out more information on best practices on applying to Advisable, setting up your profile, and beyond in our “Freelancer Guide“.

What is the process after I send in an application for a project?

Next, we will review your application internally and, if it is of suitable quality, we will send your application directly to the client for feedback. If the client is interested in speaking with you, you’ll be sent a request for a first interview.

I submitted my application but haven’t heard any response, what does this mean?

If you have not heard back yet, the client has either not had a chance to review your application yet or their timeline has been extended.

What does it mean that my application to Advisable is "on hold"?

This means that we currently do not have any projects for your skill set but, once we do, we’ll reach out to you.

How much does Advisable take for each project?

Advisable’s Service Fee depends on the size of the project engagement. For projects less than $10,000, the fee is 20% of the Project payment.


It’s important to note that Advisable’s Service Fee is reduced for large and long term relationships between a Freelancer and Client. For a given Freelancer/Client relationship, Advisable’s Fee is reduced to 10% on payments above $10,000, and further reduced to only 5% on payments above $25,000.


This means that it is the cumulative payment to date on a project that is taken into account when calculating Advisable’s fees. For instance, regardless of whether it was made in one payment of $12,000 or 3 payments of $4,000, cumulative project earnings of $12,000 would be subject to fees of 20% on the first $10,000 and 10% on the remaining $2,000. The total fee would be $2,200 for a net payment of $9,800.

When and how do I get paid?

Once you’ve completed work on a project task, simply email your Advisable account manager requesting payment and cc the client for their approval. Payments are processed every Friday and once your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email from TransferWise where you can securely enter your bank details to receive payment.

I want to get paid upfront at the beginning of the project.

Freelancers typically want to get paid in advance of a project (to avoid non-payment) and clients typically want to pay upon successful project completion (to avoid non-completion). For most projects, Advisable addresses both parties’ concerns by invoicing clients for advance payment then holding this payment in escrow before releasing to freelancers upon successful project completion. Freelancers can rest assured that the client has already paid, clients have peace of mind that their funds remain in escrow until the project is successfully completed.

How should I decide on my proposed hourly rate for the project?


You should treat Advisable projects like any other freelance project and propose an hourly rate based on your market rate. Remember that Advisable’s fee is deducted from the hourly rate you propose and that all Advisable projects are competitive.


When will I get more detailed information on the client?

You will get more details on the client once they have reviewed your application and have successfully set up an interview with you.

How is my data being used?

We don’t share any of your data publically unless you have opted into the Advisable Elite program. Otherwise, we only share your information with clients when you apply for a specific project.

What is Advisable Elite?

Advisable Elite is our program for top Specialists to gain access to high quality clients who are looking for their specific niche skill set and industry expertise. Being an Advisable Elite Specialist means exposure on our website for your niche skill set and, if relevant, we will run custom lead generation and ad campaigns targeting companies for you.

Is there an additional fee for this?

No, there’s no additional fee to you! You just need to apply.

I’m suspicious - why are you doing this, how does this benefit Advisable? Surely there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

For any projects you win as a result of Advisable’s promotions, Advisable still charge you our standard fee (so the benefit for Advisable is more projects that otherwise wouldn’t have happened!). There is no additional charge for this service.

How does this benefit me?

We will send you qualified clients that are looking for your niche profile. If and when we connect you to the client, you’ll know that they’ve extensively reviewed your profile and past work and are interested in exploring a project with you.

How do I apply to the Advisable Elite program?

If you’re interested in becoming an Advisable Elite Specialist, please email us at [email protected] and we will share more details on the process. All Advisable Elite applicants must have completed verified reference checks.

How are you targeting the clients?

We run a range of promotions specifically targeting your ideal client segment.

How do I know you won’t target clients I already work with?

Before we start running any promotions we will ask you for a list of clients who we should not target.

What is the process after I send in all my information for the Advisable Elite Program?

Our team will review your application and notify you on which promotions we will run and when.

I submitted my info but haven’t heard any response, what does this mean?

This means that we are still reviewing your fit for our promotions or we are not able to run promotions for you at the moment. We will reach out to you when we are ready to move forward.

9.6 out of 10
Based on 44 ratings
  • Advisable made it all easy
    We worked with an Advisable freelancer for social media help and he was excellent - timely, responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Advisable made it all easy.
    Yolanda Taylor
    Managing Director, Prio Wealth
  • Advisable found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night
    Advisable repeatedly found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night. This enabled us to rapidly test new channels while optimising and scaling our existing ones – massively increasing the productivity of our team.
    Gideon Pridor
    VP of Marketing, TravelPerk
  • A great partner and source for professional, highly qualified project talent
    The folks at Advisable were great to work with. They were able to quickly source a number of highly qualified professionals for our project. We had great success with our matched consultant and met our project objectives on time and on budget.
    Bryan J. Stewart
    CEO, PracticeWise
  • Highly efficient to find the right candidate
    Advisable helped us identify great candidates multiple times. Would definitely recommend!
    Serena Li
    Senior Research Manager, Babbel
  • Who knows how long this search would have taken using traditional methods?
    Took the time investment and stress out of sourcing a Talented Marketing Professional. We have spent years trying to find the right talent. After a short conversation Advisable used their skills, experience and connections to supply a number of qualified people. After a simple selection process we have found a perfect contractor. Who knows how long this search would have taken using traditional methods. I'd happily recommend Advisable's services
    Chris Reed
    Head Of Business Development, Protect Line

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