What happens after I submit an application to be a freelancer on Advisable?

After you submit an application to Advisable, which consists of your relevant skills, past project references, and a bio, your profile will exist in our database and, as we receive client projects that are relevant to your skills and experience, we’ll send you invitations to apply to these specific projects.

What’s the difference between my application to a specific project and my general application to be a freelancer on Advisable?

The difference is that your application for a specific project is your opportunity to present to the client why you are the best candidate for this project because of your unique past experiences and skill set. You should tailor your application and profile to include information that is specifically relevant to the client’s requirements.

How do I set up my profile so that I get as many relevant projects as possible?

In order to get the maximum amount of relevant projects, your profile needs to clearly show:


1. Skills that you’re specialized in. This means only listing your top 3-5 skills that you have 5+ years experience in
2. Relevant past projects that verify that you have experience in your listed skills


Pro tip-When selecting candidates to invite to a project, our algorithm strongly favours candidates with verified past projects in a given skill. You’re far more likely to be invited to projects if you have submitted verified past projects that directly demonstrate your past experience in that specific skill.

Why do I have to include proof of past projects?

We ask for proof of past projects a) so that we can ensure we only work with freelancers with proven experience, verified by their past clients or employers and b) so that clients can better assess your past experience and suitability for their project.


Although we appreciate that this requires some time on your part (c. 10 minutes to provide 3 references), this check significantly increases your chances of being invited to, interviewing for, and winning projects


Pro Tip: We’ve found that the biggest influence on a client’s likelihood to hire a freelancer is seeing that the freelancer has successfully completed a similar project in the past.

When do I get to set up and log in to my account?

As soon as you have been connected for your first interview with an Advisable client, you will be given a log in and account so that you can communicate directly with them via the platform.


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