LinkedIn Ads: A B2C Case Study for a Credit Card Client

“How can LinkedIn help us generate more approved leads for a Premium Business Credit Card?”

Describe the challenge facing the client that they brought you in to solve

As with all credit card companies, the client’s major challenge was approval numbers: not just finding the correct audience for credit card sign-ups, but actually approving people once they have been credit checked.

Although other platforms had performed well on volume, there was still a need to find more of the right audience that would subsequently be approved for credit.

The client’s knowledge of LinkedIn was very limited so they needed someone with expertise on this platform to guide them on audience, content, paid strategy and measuring results – a full strategy.

Their ultimate ask was: How can LinkedIn help us generate more approved leads for a Premium Business card?

Describe why you were a good fit for this project

My job at LinkedIn was to be an expert consultant guiding people on how to use the platform to hit their business and marketing objectives. I worked with a range of industries, such as Tech and Services, and I specialized in the finance vertical.

I was able to leverage successes from colleagues, learn from peers and senior leaders globally attaining access to all elements of the platform to enable me to deliver on my clients objectives.

As well as my knowledge, I loved working with my clients and fostering those relationships. To work together you have to listen and truly understand the pain points so you can help in the best way possible.

Describe what you did for the client and how you solved their challenge

We started off with an exploratory conversation. This covered marketing objectives including approval numbers required, the card and rewards available with it. Who their target audience was, the challenges they faced internally and externally, their other marketing efforts and also how they work with sales to fully understand that cycle. We discussed their current LinkedIn company page, how they were using this, follower numbers and their competitors. Then finally budgets, timelines and current content.

Once I had this knowledge it was then possible to pull together a full strategy on how to use the platform.

1. Context: I started with an overview on LinkedIn:

  • A general introduction so clients can understand the basics
  • The various offerings
  • How does LinkedIn make money
  • What are their business and marketing objectives

To really understand the platform and buy into it I believe it’s important to know what LinkedIn themselves are trying to achieve.

2. Strategy: Then I focused back on the various elements of the client’s strategy:

  • Targeting: I assessed the targeting available for their audience. I could find exactly who they wanted and the prospective audience size
  • Objectives : I worked with the client to define objectives (a mix of both branding and lead gen) and matched theses objectives with the potential solutions they could use
  • Competition: identified examples of competitors using similar solutions
  • Plan: built a media plan based on budgeted spend
  • Content strategy: worked with the client to identify relevant existing content that could be re-purposed specifically for LinkedIn.
  • Compliance: I worked with their internal compliance to make sure we were within their regulations
  • Tracking: I defined a clear and coherent intro to pixel implementation, with a guide on how this needs to be done and what the client could expect to see from this pixel

3. Execution: Once approval was given, I executed the agreed upon strategy:

  • Full upload of content and full management of campaign
  • A/B testing to see which content was performing for the client’s lead gen objective
  • Results fed back in an easy to understand presentation
  • Recommendations for continued “Always On” activity

What were the results of the project?

  • The results showed that running branding before a lead campaign had better results than pure lead gen (2 different audiences were used)
  • We were able to pinpoint the exact content and audiences that were generating a higher number of leads
  • Even though the number of applications was lower, the approval rate was higher meaning we had the correct audience on the platform!

This resulted in securing further spend with an “Always On” capacity and a delighted client!

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