LinkedIn Ads: A B2C Case Study

Describe the challenge facing the client that they brought you in to solve?

The client, a high-priced male apparel company, was looking for new channels to reach their target audience. While LinkedIn provided a new way to reach their demographic, senior leadership was concerned over misconceptions that LinkedIn was only for B2B and not a legitimate advertising platform. Also, the internal marketing team lacked LinkedIn advertising experience and didn’t want to pull resources away just to have a steep learning curve.

Describe why you were a good fit for this project

As a LinkedIn advertising expert with broader marketing leadership experience, I was able to educate the leadership team and demonstrate my B2C LinkedIn ads experience to remove concerns. I developed a LinkedIn ads strategy to allow them to dip their toes in the water and execute a variety of tests for the first month before deciding to invest more heavily thereafter.

Describe what you did for the client and how you solved their challenge

To get a feel for what might work best, I built LinkedIn campaigns targeting a variety of separate audiences. This included custom audiences based demographic information of past customers, an uploaded list of customers who hadn’t made a purchase in the previous 90 days and a custom audience of recent website traffic that didn’t convert to a purchase. I also included roughly 6 different ad units per audience to test various images and messaging.

What were the results of the project?

Engagement rates across all campaigns far exceeded the LinkedIn averages. While the custom audiences drove awareness, the retargeting audience and uploaded lists drove several direct conversions resulting in a positive ROI in the first month. The client tripled their budget in the second month, and after the 4th month working on a month-to-month contract, they approved an additional 6 month engagement and were fully bought in to the channel. From a social standpoint, new followers of the client’s company page on LinkedIn went from averaging around 15 per month to over 100 month since the campaign launched.

Any further comments

I try to test at least one new product or audience each month as well as different creative and copy – not all are successful but this has helped me continue to learn for the client.


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