LinkedIn Ads: Hiring Tips

We asked leading LinkedIn Ads specialist John Maas for his tips when hiring a LinkedIn Ads specialist:

What are the key considerations you need to make when hiring a LinkedIn Ads specialist?

When hiring a freelancer for LinkedIn ads, it’s critical that they have significant, diverse, recent and hands-on LinkedIn advertising experience. It’s also helpful if the freelancers has a strong background in marketing in general so they can understand how LinkedIn ads fit within the big picture of your organization. Lastly, your freelancer should be analytically minded so they can dig into performance data and communicate that back to you effectively.

What hiring tips would you recommend to a client trying to assess a LinkedIn Ads specialist?

Dig in deep on their level of LinkedIn advertising experience by inquiring on the types of campaigns they’ve managed, the average budgets, objectives, target audiences and their process for building and optimizing performance. You’ll want to make sure they have significant and diverse LinkedIn ads experience, ability to manage your campaigns from end-to-end if needed.

What are the warning signs that you’re dealing with an amateur?

Watch out for low fees (you get what you pay for), a lack of hands-on LinkedIn experience, a lack of diverse LinkedIn ads experience and lack of ability to approach campaigns strategically with an end-to-end optimization focus.