Hiring a LinkedIn Ads Specialist: Interview Questions

We asked leading LinkedIn Ads specialist John Maas what questions you should ask when hiring a LinkedIn Ads specialist:

Interview Question 1: How many years of direct, hands-on experience do you have managing LinkedIn advertising campaigns?

Interview Question 1 – ideal answer and perspectives
Having recent hands-on experience with LinkedIn ads is absolutely critical. Even if a freelancers has a wealth of experience in other paid social and digital channels, LinkedIn is quite nuanced and the wrong approach can waste you significant time and money. You should also make sure the freelancer has recent LinkedIn ads experience as the platform has changed significantly over the past 12 months and continues to evolve.

Interview Question 2: What types of campaigns have you managed on LinkedIn?

Interview Question 2 – ideal answer and perspectives
It’s good to bring in a freelancer that’s managed a diverse set of marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. If you’re only looking for lead generation campaigns initially, for example, down the line you may want to expand to tackle different initiatives including event promotion, content marketing, website retargeting, database nurturing, talent acquisition and more. Having someone with varied experience ensures you’re getting a seasoned expert that can help you long-term.

Interview Question 3: What are some of the average monthly budgets you’ve managed for LinkedIn ads?

Interview Question 3 – ideal answer and perspectives
It would be good for the freelancer to have experience in a variety of budget sizes but ultimately you want them to have experience with budgets that are similar to yours. If they’ve only ever dealt with substantial budgets, there’s different tactics they would need to employ when working with a small budget and vice versa.

Interview Question 4: How do you go about optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns and how do you measure success?

Interview Question 4 – ideal answer and perspectives
This response on optimization should be multifaceted to include mentions of testing different copy, creative, ad types, audiences and bid strategies. What you are looking for here is the freelancer conveying an understanding of tackling optimization from a number of different angles. For measuring success, make sure they speak to looking at performance down funnel (so not just number of impressions or clicks) as well as wanting ultimately to align their KPIs with yours.

Interview Question 5: What is your typical involvement in managing LinkedIn advertising campaigns?

Interview Question 5 – ideal answer and perspectives
Ideally, you want someone that’s been involved in both building LinkedIn campaigns from end-to-end and setting the overall LinkedIn advertising strategy. Even if you’re only looking for someone to build out ads based on asset you provide them, it’s good to have a knowledgeable freelancer to help spot potential pitfalls and areas of optimization in your creative, audience targets or approach to campaigns.

Benchmark: how long should it take to perform typical activities?
This all depends on the size and complexity of your account. If they are doing an account audit, this should take no more than a couple hours over 1-2 business days to review your campaigns and provide feedback. Building new campaigns will depend on how much you are providing them upfront versus how much they will need to develop themselves (copy, creative, etc…) as well they complexity of your campaigns (multiple ad types, audiences and click through experiences). This should be doable in 1 to 2 business days as well regardless.


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