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Arissa Agnant

New York, USA Facebook Ads Freelancer
Facebook Ads Freelancer
I’m a Digital Marketer with experience creating a digital-first mind-set for all types of brands. I develop strategy, plan, execute, optimize, and report out on social media advertising campaigns across Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Facebook Ads
4 - 7 Years Experience
Google Adwords
2 - 4 Years Experience
2 - 4 Years Experience

Vincent Chevalier

San Francisco, USA & Paris, France Facebook Ads Freelancer
Facebook Ads Freelancer
I have deep experience in Facebook marketing, having worked in this capacity at Udemy and scaled 50+ accounts including corporate (Yelp, Bayard Presse) and fast-growing startups ( Y Combinator 2015 Instawork, FoodCheri, Brigad). I also manage an e-commerce platform in the wellness industry (Theyogasummit.org) with more than 100k signups. In addition to Facebook Ads, I help fast companies to accelerate with programmatic advertising in general. Over the past two years, I have partnered with a selection of marketplaces/ecommerce/apps from early-stage startups to larger companies to boost traffic, installs and revenue. Clients in the US include: Instawork (YC 2015), Neurotrack, Remind, Yelp, Sounds True, MyThemeShop, Wake up Project, The Mindfulness Summit, Payfriendz, Imperative and Hoopnotica. European clients include: Dreem, FoodCheri, Emoi-Emoi, Le Ciseau, Medoucine, Carizy, Brigad, Ever PhotoShoot, Magic Makers, Bayard Media, Slick, Enfant.com and Notre Famille.
Facebook Ads
4 - 7 Years Experience
Programmatic Advertising
7 - 10 Years Experience
e-Commerce Marketing
4 - 7 Years Experience

The World’s Leading Facebook Ads Freelancers

Advisable has identified and vetted the world’s leading Facebook Ads specialists so you can begin working with a proven freelancer in a matter of days.

We have Facebook Ads freelancers specialized by industry (from Finance to Tech), B2C & B2B and by niche speciality – from Targeting & Re-targeting to Personalization & Customer Journey Optimization to Regulatory Compliant Marketing Strategies and everything in-between: whether you want to test Facebook as a new lead generation channel, implement advanced tactics or fine tune an already successful account, our Facebook Ads freelancers are the very best in their field.

Facebook Marketing is complex

Facebook Ads is a large and complex platform (with $13 Billion spent on Facebook Ads in Q2 2018 alone), which is why it’s so important to find a marketing specialist who understands its nuances.

  • Targeting: the unparalleled targeting options available on Facebook are its most powerful feature, and awareness of what works and – what doesn’t – is vital
  • Advanced Features: Facebook’s advanced features can be sophisticated and leveraging them requires both a technical and marketing-based understanding
  • Ad Policies: a marketer who understands Facebook’s policies of how, where and to whom a product can and cannot be promoted
  • Lexicon & tone of voice:  advertising to Facebook users comes with its own particular set of words and phrases

When an experienced Facebook Ads Freelancer can help

If you’re looking for an experienced Facebook Ads freelancer then Advisable.com can help, whether it’s:

  • On-demand resource: augment the capabilities of your existing marketing team with ad-hoc and ongoing strategic and execution support
  • An immediate interim-hire: finding someone to quickly begin working on an urgent project in parallel with the longer process of recruiting a new full-time hire
  • Test new campaigns & latest strategies: to quickly test a new campaign or the latest Facebook Ads strategy
  • Niche experts: gain access to the world’s foremost experts in niche industry specialties
  • Outsource non-core competencies: plug internal capability gaps where an in-house resource isn’t required, for instance if testing Facebook as an unproven channel or for a non-core marketing function

How a Facebook Ads freelancer can help:

Hiring a Facebook Ads freelancer can take your performance to the next level – whether you need a hybrid-developer-cum-marketer superstar to scale and automate your account or simply a dedicated Facebook expert to ensure your campaigns remain optimized. A Facebook Ads freelancer can help you:


Our freelancers have tested thousands of campaigns across tens of industries. They can take care of the entire testing process:

  • Strategy: define goals and set initial strategy, from lead generation to building brand awareness
  • Targeting: define customer personas and map these to Facebook targeting options, leveraging Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to hone in on your target customer
  • Creatives: define value proposition to inform the design of then build creatives
  • Optimization: tweak and optimize campaign performance


Our freelancers have scaled accounts from zero to multi-million dollar spend. One of our specialists can take responsibility for your account:

  • Audit your account and existing campaigns to find optimization opportunities
  • Report on their recommendations…
  • … and implement the juiciest ones
  • Leverage the latest strategies – the capabilities of the Facebook Ads platform are constantly evolving, which means more opportunity for those at the cutting edge


With one of our freelancers at the helm, you can rest assured that the ROI of your Facebook Ads account is maximized.

How to hire a Facebook Ads Freelancer

Once you’re clear on your project requirements and goals, you’ll need to find, screen, interview, select and onboard the right freelancer.

  • Find top Facebook Ads freelancers: one of Advisable’s talent experts can work with you to understand your exact requirements prior to hunting down the most relevant specialist on your behalf
  • Screen potential candidates: Advisable’s talent team will screen all candidates against your precise requirements prior to proposing the best fit to you
  • Interview: we’ve put together this handy guide on how to assess a freelancer. It’s important to assess whether they have the right level of Facebook Ads understanding and experience relevant for your project
  • Reference check: Advisable can quickly conduct a reference check for added peace of mind
  • Trial: we’ve got you covered here too, with our step-by-step overview of best practices for onboarding via a freelancer trial project

No matter what your project goal, Advisable can identify the best Facebook Ads Freelancer to ensure you succeed.

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