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Ian Hurlock

London, UK Financial Services Marketing Freelancer
Financial Services Marketing Freelancer
5 years working for LinkedIn focusing on building, selling, managing and creating B2B focused marketing campaigns. I've built and advised on LinkedIn B2B focused strategies for over 500 clients. Within the field of Financial Services, I advised on the LinkedIn strategy and managed follow up ad campaigns across 37 local markets and ran many more internationally targeted campaigns for London based Financial Services companies.
Financial Services Marketing
7 - 10 Years Experience
LinkedIn Ads
10+ Years Experience
B2B Marketing Strategy
7 - 10 Years Experience

Sitanta O'Mahony

London, UK Financial Services Content Writer
Financial Services Content Writer
Sitanta has twelve years’ experience as a research analyst, financial journalist, senior editor and investment writer. Sitanta began her career as a research analyst writing about financial and vertical markets technology. After moving into journalism, she covered asset management and trading technology and edited a publication that dealt with alternative risk transfer for large corporations. She has also worked as a senior editor at bond rating agency, Moody’s. She wrote about alternatives at fixed income hedge fund, BlueBay, equities during her time as senior investment writer at Lazard and fixed income at BlackRock. Sitanta holds an LLB law from the University of London and a BA from Central St Martins.
Financial Services Content Writing
10+ Years Experience
Financial Services Copywriting
10+ Years Experience
Content Editing
10+ Years Experience

The World’s Leading Financial Services Marketing Freelancers

Advisable has identified and vetted the world’s leading FS marketing specialists so you can begin working with a proven freelancer in a matter of days.

From Digitalization, Targeting & Personalization, Customer Journey Optimization and Regulatory Compliant Marketing Strategies to Adwords,  Analytics and Marketing Automation: whether you want to test a new lead generation channel, implement advanced CRM tactics or fine tune an already successful brand awareness campaign, our FS marketing freelancers are the very best in their field.

Why Financial Services Marketing is different

Financial Services is a broad and complex industry, which is why it’s so important to find a marketing specialist who understands its nuances.

  • Regulation: a marketer who understands the principles of how, where and to whom a product can and cannot be promoted
  • Customer mentality: customers approach FS products with a distinct mindset not always easily comparable to other industries
  • Complex products: FS products can be sophisticated and marketing them requires an understanding of both the product and the specific customer segment
  • Lexicon & tone of voice:  FS comes with its own particular set of words and phrases

When an experienced Financial Services Marketing Freelancer can help

If you’re looking for a freelance marketer experienced in the Financial Services industry then Advisable.com can help, whether it’s:

  • On-demand resource: augment the capabilities of your existing marketing team with ad-hoc and ongoing strategic and execution support
  • An immediate interim-hire: finding someone to quickly begin working on an urgent project in parallel with the longer process of recruiting a new full-time hire
  • Test a new channel: to quickly test a new marketing channel, for instance LinkedIn Ads are booming at the moment
  • Niche experts: gain access to the world’s foremost experts in niche marketing specialties
  • Outsource non-core competencies: plug internal capability gaps where an in-house resource isn’t required, for instance to test an unproven channel or for a non-core marketing function

The types of projects our FS marketers can work on:

Our FS marketing freelancers have more than 800+ different marketing skills – from Digitalization, Targeting & Personalization, Customer Journey Optimization and Regulatory Compliant Marketing Strategies to Adwords,  Analytics and Marketing Automation, whether you want to test a new lead generation channel, implement advanced CRM tactics or fine tune an already successful brand awareness campaign, our FS marketing freelancers are the very best in their field.

Here are just some examples:

  • LinkedIn Ads: test LinkedIn as a new B2C or B2B lead generation channel or fine tune an already successful brand awareness campaign on this fast growing channel with its advanced targeting options and an affluent audience of sophisticated investors (favored by the likes of AIG, AMEX and BlackRock)
  • Facebook Ads: this is one of FS’s most successful marketing channels (one of the reasons Facebook has had a dedicated Fintech team since 2013) – read how Santander UK built love for a Banking Product with Facebook Video Ads
  • Google Adwords: between navigating Google’s FS Ad Policies, identifying niche FS keywords and understanding the optimal customer journey, FS focused Adwords freelancers are in high demand
  • Marketing Automation & Personalisation: in a 2018 study, 41% of respondents from Financial Services Institutions cited “delivering personalized experiences in real-time” as their most exciting prospect for the next three years to 2020
  • FS Content Marketing: from customer engagement to optimizing the customer journey and offering a curated customer experience, Content Marketing (within the bounds of Regulation) remains a vital ingredient of FS Marketing

How to hire a FS Marketing Freelancer

Once you’re clear on your project requirements and goals, you’ll need to find, screen, interview, select and onboard the right freelancer.

  • Find top FS marketing freelancers: one of Advisable’s talent experts can work with you to understand your exact requirements prior to hunting down the most relevant specialist on your behalf
  • Screen potential candidates: Advisable’s talent team will screen all candidates against your precise requirements prior to proposing the best fit to you
  • Interview: we’ve put together this handy guide on how to assess a freelancer. It’s important to assess whether they have the right level of Financial Services industry specific understanding and experience relevant for your project
  • Reference check: Advisable can quickly conduct a reference check for added peace of mind
  • Trial: we’ve got you covered here too, with our step-by-step overview of best practices for onboarding via a freelancer trial project

No matter what your project goal, Advisable can identify the best Financial Services Marketing Freelancer to ensure you succeed.

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