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Arissa Agnant

New York, United States of America LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
Arissa is a Growth Marketer with three years' experience executing Paid Social direct response campaigns for clients including Disney, IBM, Lacoste, and more. She specialises in full-funnel Social Media Advertising campaigns - developing strategy, planning, executing, optimising and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. She is a Facebook Ads specialist with extensive campaign experience creating a digital-first mindset for all types of brands.
Acquisition Marketing
Brand Strategy
Facebook Advertising

Jesus Noguera

Madrid, Spain LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
Jesus is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience managing PPC/paid media accounts with large-scale monthly budgets. This includes utilising Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, working with clients ranging from startups and non-profits, to high-profile companies such as Vodafone, GoCompare, Movistar, Victoria's Secret, Sashco Inc, AIG, Bupa, Zeel, Fracttal, Verbling and University of Miami, among others.
Google Ads

John Maas

San Diego, United States of America LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
John is a digital marketing leader and LinkedIn Advertising specialist, with nearly 10 years of hands-on experience in LinkedIn Advertising campaign management and strategy. He has worked with a wide variety of clients, covering both B2B and B2C, to execute successful LinkedIn Advertising campaigns, serving a wide array of marketing objectives.
LinkedIn Strategy
Linkedin Marketing
LinkedIn Advertising

Mandy Fransz

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
Mandy has worked at LinkedIn's EMEA HQ as a Social Selling Consultant, where she was responsible for helping companies to leverage LinkedIn to generate high-quality B2B leads. She is currently running a freelance Digital Marketing studio specialised in implementing modern sales and marketing strategies on LinkedIn, to deliver maximum benefit for clients from the global professional network.
Linkedin Marketing
Personal Branding

The World’s Leading LinkedIn Ads Freelancers

Due to the killer combination of niche-targeting options combined with the quality of LinkedIn’s audience, LinkedIn Ads has become one of 2019’s hottest and most profitable online marketing channels.

LinkedIn's Network

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network

Despite the fact that 94%of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content (source: Content Marketing Institute) and that LinkedIn is ranked higher than even Facebook as the #1 rated social network for lead generation (source: Demandwave), its clunky platform and constantly evolving capabilities make it a tricky beast to tame.

How a LinkedIn Ads Freelancer can help

Hiring a LinkedIn Ads freelancer can take your performance to the next level – whether you’re just starting out on the platform or simply need a dedicated expert to ensure your campaigns remain optimized. A LinkedIn Ads freelancer can help you:

Test LinkedIn Ads as a source of leads or to build brand awareness

Our freelancers have tested hundreds of campaigns across tens of industries. They can take care of the entire testing process:

  • Strategy: define goals and set initial strategy, from lead generation to building brand awareness
  • Targeting: define customer personas and map these to LinkedIn targeting options, leveraging LinkedIn’s advanced targeting capabilities to hone in on your target customer
  • Creatives: define value proposition to inform the design of then build creatives
  • Optimization: tweak and optimize campaign performance

Scale your performing campaigns

Our freelancers have scaled accounts from zero to multi-million dollar spend. One of our freelancers can take responsibility for your account:

  • Audit your account and existing campaigns to find optimization opportunities
  • Report on their recommendations…
  • … and implement the juiciest ones
  • Leverage the latest strategies – the capabilities of the LinkedIn Ads platform are constantly evolving, which means more opportunity for those at the cutting edge

Ongoing account optimization and management

With one of our freelancers at the helm, you can rest assured that the ROI of your LinkedIn Ads account is maximized.

Hiring A LinkedIn Ads Specialist

How to hire a top LinkedIn Ads Freelancer

To hire a LinkedIn freelancer you need to find, screen, interview and onboard candidates.

  • Find top LinkedIn Ads freelancers: one of Advisable’s experts can work with you to understand your exact requirements prior to hunting down the most relevant specialist on your behalf
  • Screen potential candidates: Advisable’s talent team will screen all candidates against your precise requirements prior to proposing the best fit to you
  • Interview: we’ve put together this handy guide on how to assess a freelancer
  • Reference check: Advisable can quickly conduct a reference check for added peace of mind
  • Trial: we’ve got you covered here too, with our step-by-step overview of best practices for onboarding via a freelancer trial project

No matter what your project goal (whether you want to test LinkedIn as a new lead generation channel or fine tune an already successful brand awareness campaign), Advisable can identify the best LinkedIn Ads freelancer for you.

HIRE A TOP LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
We have asked 1 of our LinkedIn Advertising Specialist:
What are the benefits of investing in LinkedIn Advertising for a company?
We have asked 1 of our LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
Kostas Papageorgiou
Munich, Germany
LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer
Investing in LinkedIn Advertising brings many benefits for companies.

This is evident by looking at some of the stats, as follows:
- Over 600 million professionals use LinkedIn
- 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions
- LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for B2B lead generation, rated by marketers

LinkedIn allows for specific targeting based on real, member-created demographic data, to reach the right audience. This is based on job title, company, industry, seniority, and other factors.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can:
- Deliver personalised messages which can drive more sales than email
- Drive awareness and reach decision-makers
- Easily capture lead data with LinkedIn's Lead Gen Forms
- Target past visitors based on website behaviour with remarketing campaigns
- Easily test your audience, ad copy and formats to scale a profitable campaign
- Attract higher quality leads because user data is accurate

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9.4 out of 10
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  • Advisable made it all easy
    We worked with an Advisable freelancer for social media help and he was excellent - timely, responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Advisable made it all easy.
    Yolanda Taylor
    Managing Director, Prio Wealth
  • Advisable found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night
    Advisable repeatedly found us the precise marketing specialist we needed, almost over night. This enabled us to rapidly test new channels while optimising and scaling our existing ones – massively increasing the productivity of our team.
    Gideon Pridor
    VP of Marketing, TravelPerk
  • A great partner and source for professional, highly qualified project talent
    The folks at Advisable were great to work with. They were able to quickly source a number of highly qualified professionals for our project. We had great success with our matched consultant and met our project objectives on time and on budget.
    Bryan J. Stewart
    CEO, PracticeWise
  • Highly efficient to find the right candidate
    Advisable helped us identify great candidates multiple times. Would definitely recommend!
    Serena Li
    Senior Research Manager, Babbel
  • Who knows how long this search would have taken using traditional methods?
    Took the time investment and stress out of sourcing a Talented Marketing Professional. We have spent years trying to find the right talent. After a short conversation Advisable used their skills, experience and connections to supply a number of qualified people. After a simple selection process we have found a perfect contractor. Who knows how long this search would have taken using traditional methods. I'd happily recommend Advisable's services
    Chris Reed
    Head Of Business Development, Protect Line

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