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Ines Richter

Berlin, Germany Brand & Market Research Freelancer
Brand & Market Research Freelancer
I offer over 20 years experience in and passion for brand development and have worked on brands targeting a B2C and a B2B target and offering products ranging from FMCG to industrial brands. My services as a consultant include qualitative target group and design research, brand positioning, brand architecture, concept development and innovation processes as well as analysis of trends in visual codes and semiotics that enable a design strategy. I partner up directly with clients as well as brand strategy, design and research agencies.
Qualitative Market Research
Consumer and Market Insights
Brand Development

Maria Shonyo

Connecticut, USA Healthcare & IT Market Research Freelancer
Healthcare & IT Market Research Freelancer
With 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry preceded by 10 years in engineering and software development, I offer a unique skill set, a passion for excellence, and a perpetual drive to bring value to my clients. After working in the marketing departments of two medical device manufacturers, I decided to apply my skills and experience to help the broader medtech industry. With firsthand knowledge of how these often-understaffed organizations face multiple shifting priorities, rapid technological advances and evolving healthcare mandates, I founded Vela Technologies. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of serving over 50 clients, from start-ups to large corporations, across numerous medical device and healthcare IT specialties. I’ve guided the assessment, development, launch and support of over 80 products from high-end capital equipment and software solutions to low-cost disposables. The underlying foundation for much of my work is understanding customer needs and challenges to support meaningful communication that resonates with those customers. I consistently leverage my proven ability to ask the right questions and effectively gather open, honest feedback from clinical, technical, and administrative stakeholders.
Healthcare Market Research
IT Market Research
Product Commercialization & Launch

Craig Honick

Virginia, USA Ethnographer & Market Research Freelancer
Ethnographer & Market Research Freelancer
An ethnographer that focuses on the culture of branding, I suggest what stories you should be telling your customers, employees, other professionals, and the public, as well as why you should be telling them, based on how your audience interprets the world around it. A population insight, segmentation, and story development freelancer, I use proprietary ethnographic techniques to discover and validate how different social groups interpret the world and act based on shared narrative. I then help you develop stories you should be telling these groups if you wish to connect with them in a way that provides maximum value to all parties.
Customer Insight
Qualitative Market Research
Customer Segmentation

The World’s Leading Market Research Freelancers

Advisable has identified and vetted the world’s leading Market Research specialists so you can begin working with a proven freelancer in a matter of days.

We have Market Research freelancers specialized by industry (whether its B2B or B2C) and by niche specialties ranging from beauty to FMCGs, to finance, to insurance – and everything in between. Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods to delve into consumer behavior and to understand the company image, our freelancers can then guide you through the process of using their research for framing, data assessment, insight generation, and, ultimately, to provide you with actionable recommendations. Our Market Research freelancers are the very best in their field.

Quality Market Research is complex

High quality Marker Research is complex, which is why it’s so important to find a specialist who understands its nuances.

  • Background and Data Analysis: awareness of relevant industry data sources – what data is available, its accuracy and where to find it – is invaluable. Learn about the market, competitors, target group dynamics and industry trends in order to frame the scope of your study.
  • Qualitative Methods: the latest research methods and tools are ever-evolving, so it’s important to work with someone at the cutting edge of recent developments who will know the right method for the question at hand.
  • Quantitative Methods: leveraging advanced statistical techniques requires both a technical and market-based understanding. Work with our freelancers to tap into more advanced quantitive methodologies to enhance your Market Research project.

When an experienced Market Research Freelancer can help

If you’re looking for an experienced Market Research freelancer then Advisable.com can help, whether it’s:

  • On-demand resource: augment the capabilities of your existing team with ad-hoc and ongoing strategic and execution support
  • An immediate interim-hire: finding someone to quickly begin working on an urgent project in parallel with the longer process of recruiting a new full-time hire
  • Niche experts: gain access to the world’s foremost experts in niche industry specialties
  • Outsource non-core competencies: plug internal capability gaps where an in-house resource isn’t required, for instance an ad-hoc Market Research project or assessing a non-core market

Case Study: How a Market Research freelancer can help

Here’s a look at how one of the world’s leading subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platforms leveraged a Market Research freelancer as they considered entering a new market segment.

Identifying a Market Researcher for an e-learning client

The client was one of the world’s leading subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platforms. They were looking for a Qualitative Research specialist capable of handling an end-to-end qualitative research engagement: from research design to compiling the report and presenting it to internal stakeholders.

As the client considered targeting their product towards a new demographic, they wanted to receive independently designed and conducted qualitative research reports in order to help them make a better informed decision.

We identified Ines Richter, a proven market research specialist with profound experience in the development of e-learning and language coaching.

Ines Richter, Market Research Freelancer

Hello, my name is Ines and I am a freelancer in the field of brand development and innovation. Qualitative market research has become a passion that allows me to learn about target groups (both within and beyond companies)  in order to identify sustainable future growth opportunities for clients and their brands.

Ines, can you give an example of a successful qualitative research engagement you had previously undertaken that made you the perfect fit for this project?

I conducted an assessment of e-learning opportunities for P&G, including exploration of target group needs, evaluation of learning concepts, analysis of feedback and identification of precise recommendations and next steps.

Further, having grown up in Spain and the US, foreign languages have always played a huge role in my life. International brand work has made me aware of the importance, and in my case the comfort, of mastering the English language. I have recently started to coach brand development peers in agencies but also an executive of a DAX rated company in developing English language conversation and presentation skills. Hence, I have a strong affinity towards languages and learning.

How would you describe the challenge facing the client that they brought you in to solve? 

The client wanted to learn fundamentals about a certain target group. How do they live? What do they spend their time with? What media do they consume? What brands do they feel passionate about? How can advertising reach them? Why are they learning a language? And along all that: what are drivers and barriers that drive choices? The target countries were the UK and Australia.

What did you do?
I conducted 20 online one-on-one video interviews with respondents in the target countries. The interview guideline covered the following topics:
a) fundamentals about the target’s lifestyle and rhythm,
b) attitudes towards media consumption, brands and their communication
c) motivations regarding language learning as well as use and experiences with the learning platform.
Insights were analyzed and presented in a workshop with a multi-disciplinary client team to use the insights to develop and time initiatives.
What were the results?
I extracted a motivational psychogram regarding learning as well as media consumption and brand preferences. Based on these, the client team developed communication initiatives to properly address the target in the future.

How to hire a Market Research Freelancer

Once you’re clear on your project requirements and goals, you’ll need to find, screen, interview, select and onboard the right freelancer.

  • Find top Market Research freelancers: one of Advisable’s talent experts can work with you to understand your exact requirements prior to hunting down the most relevant specialist on your behalf
  • Screen potential candidates: Advisable’s talent team will screen all candidates against your precise requirements prior to proposing the best fit to you
  • Interview: we’ve put together this handy guide on how to assess a freelancer. It’s important to assess whether they have the right level of Market Research understanding and experience relevant for your project
  • Reference check: Advisable can quickly conduct a reference check for added peace of mind
  • Trial: we’ve got you covered here too, with our step-by-step overview of best practices for onboarding via a freelancer trial project

No matter what your project goal, Advisable can identify the best Market Research Freelancer to ensure you succeed.

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