When interviewing a candidate for a freelance project the main aim is to understand whether they have the skills and experience to successfully execute your project.

1. Does the freelancer have sufficient skills?

  • Specialist skills: do they have the skills required to do the job
  • Communication skills: are they savvy verbal and written communicators
  • Professionalism: are they on-time for check-ins and thorough in their proposals, reports and documentation?

man sitting on chair and looking laptop computer

2. Does the freelancer have sufficient experience?

  • Project experience: has the freelancer worked on a similar type project in the past?
  • Freelancer experience: have they previously worked as a freelancer?
  • Company size experience: have they worked with a company of a similar size before?

Questions to demonstrate freelancer skills and experience:

  • Examples of past work: verbal overviews of projects or share reports, samples etc. Ask for details of previous results.
  • Project proposals: their proposal will demonstrate their understanding of your needs and allow you to assess their approach to the project.
  • Examples of domain expertise: what risks do they see in the project? What mistakes have they made in similar projects that they wouldn’t make again?

Once you are reasonably confident in the freelancer’s ability, you can begin to dig into the details of their proposal for a freelance hiring manager’s secret weapon: the paid trial project.