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Who was the client and why did they come to Advisable?

The client was one of Europe’s fastest growing startups with over $70m in funding raised.

They were looking for a proven and creative LinkedIn Advertising expert to define and implement a strategy to acquire qualified B2B leads via LinkedIn Ads.

Why were they looking for a LinkedIn Ads specialist?

They wanted a LinkedIn Ads specialist to comprehensively test whether it was possible for the client to economically acquire leads via LinkedIn.

How were able to help them?

We identified Galen, a proven LinkedIn ads specialist with deep experience using LinkedIn Ads to generate leads.

Interview with LinkedIn Ads specialist Galen

Hello Galen! Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Galen and I am a LinkedIn Ads specialist.

Galen, can you give an example of a successful LinkedIn Ads engagement you had previously undertaken that made you the perfect fit for this project?

I defined and implemented the LinkedIn Ads lead gen strategy from scratch for a B2C educational company. This involved everything from defining buyer personas to designing and testing ad copy and targeting. It resulted in LinkedIn becoming the company’s primary channel for leads!

I see – seems like you really were a perfect fit! How would you describe the challenge facing the client that they brought you in to solve?

In a nutshell, the client was looking for additional sources of sustainable leads. They had long suspected that LinkedIn could be a valuable source of leads, but they didn’t have the expertise to comprehensively test this. By working with me the client would finally know for sure whether they were missing out on a massive untapped source of profitable leads, and rectify the situation if so.

What did you do for the client?

I tested whether the client could generate leads profitably via LinkedIn Ads. Together with the client I defined a clear goal and budget to work with: the client’s goal was to identify a scalable source of marketing qualified leads for less than €X/lead, and within a total testing budget of €Y.

How did you do this test?

I created a targeted campaign for each of 3 customer personas driving leads to a landing page.

Testing phase: identify a performing campaign

  • 1 campaign for each persona
  • Targeted 2 specific audiences for each, testing a different targeting characteristic
  • Tested 2x images x 2x headlines for each
  • Tested 2 types of landing page: asset based (ebook) and text based (sign up now)

Learnings: 2 campaigns did not perform; 1 campaign performed very well (MQL << target) with potential to scale.

Scaling phase: scale performing campaign

  • Focused on scaling performing campaign
    • New ads (images)
    • Bid & budget adjustments
    • Expanded audience

What were the results – did it work?

The project goal had been to identify a scalable source of marketing qualified leads for <€X with a total budget of €Y.

I successfully identified a campaign that easily met these requirements and began to scale this campaign.

The team were able to bring the ongoing optimization (bids, LP etc.) and campaign mgmt (refreshing ads) in-house and now count LinkedIn ads as one of their top sources of leads.

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