A client has requested to “Start Working,” what now?

Congrats! This means the client has accepted your proposal and wants to begin working with you. Next step is to use the task management tool in the app to set up your project appropriately so you can start working and we can invoice the client.

Who should set up and manage the tasks?

As with any other client you have outside of Advisable, it is up to you to manage the client and project work. Unless otherwise agreed on with the client, you should set up the tasks in the task management tool according to the appropriate timeline and project deliverables (with the client’s input).

When and how do I get paid?

When you’ve completed the task and the client has approved it we will process your payment that upcoming Friday. You’ll get an email from our payment partner Transferwise to put in your bank details securely and funds will be released to you within 1-2 business days.

I want to get paid upfront at the beginning of the project.

Freelancers typically want to get paid in advance of a project (to avoid non-payment) and clients typically want to pay upon successful project completion (to avoid non-completion). For most projects, Advisable addresses both parties’ concerns by invoicing clients for advance payment then holding this payment in escrow before releasing to freelancers upon successful project completion. Freelancers can rest assured that the client has already paid, clients have peace of mind that their funds remain in escrow until the project is successfully completed.


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